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Orthopedic Locking Plate
The Orthopedic Locking Plate, exemplified by the Distal Medial Humerus Plate, Distal Ulna Plate, and Olecranon Plate, is a top-tier solution for hospitals. Crafted from flexible Grade A steel, these plates offer stability in fractures, ensuring optimal support. With versatile applications, advantages include enhanced fixation, reduced complications, and accelerated patient recovery.
Orthopedic Locking Screw
Orthopedic Locking Screws like Lag Screw, Guff Screw, and DHS Screw, vital in hospitals, are sterilized silver-colored metal screws crafted from steel. These screws ensure precise fixation in orthopedic surgeries, offering durability, biocompatibility, and easy identification. Their benefits include enhanced stability, reduced complications, and superior support in various orthopedic applications.
Orthopedic Locking Implants
Orthopedic Locking Implants, in silver-colored sterilized steel, are crucial in hospitals. With various implant types, these devices offer enhanced stability in orthopedic procedures. Advantages include reliable fixation, reduced complications, and improved patient outcomes. Their versatility caters to diverse applications, making them indispensable in modern orthopedic practices.

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